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As winter moves in and temperatures drop, the appearance of ice on your property poses hazards for your residents, staff, and guests. Prevent ice buildup on sidewalks, walkways, driveways, stairs, and rooftops with ice melt. Stock up on ice melt supplies before the harsh winter starts so you are ready for immediate de-icing.

What is Ice Melt?

Ice melt, as the name suggests, is any product used to melt ice and is available in various formats including granules, pellets, powder, flakes, or liquid.

When ice melt product is applied, it creates a chemical reaction that lowers the freezing point, and liquefies, or melts, the ice. The type of chemical in your ice melt product determines the ability, rate, and temperature at which melting occurs.

Types of Ice Melt

Typically, ice melt granules are the most effective. They are less likely to blow away in windy conditions, and they penetrate deeper than powder or flakes. Ice melt products can be pure concentrations or blends of fast-acting chemicals such as:

  • Sodium chloride (rock salt) 
  • Magnesium chloride 
  • Calcium chloride 
  • Potassium chloride 
Firestorm™ Intense Ice Melter

Firestorm™ Intense Ice Melter

  • Melting Temperature -32°C  
  • Magnesium Chloride Blend With FS2000™ Which Prevents Refreezing Even Under Challenging Conditions
  • Safe On Concrete If Used As Directed  
  • Safe On Children And Pets, Won't Burn Skin 
  • Gentle On Vegetation 
  • Corrosion Inhibitor 
Vanish™ Ice Melter

Vanish™ Ice Melter

  • Melting Temperature -23°C  
  • Magnesium Chloride Blend With CMA and FS2000™ Which Prevents Refreezing Even Under Challenging Conditions
  • Fortified Formulation Ensures Snow And Ice Begin Melting Quickly And At Lower Temperatures
  • Safe On Concrete If Used As Directed - Safe On Children And Pets, Won't Burn Skin - Gentle On Vegetation - Corrosion Inhibitor
Anchor Rock Salt

Anchor Rock Salt


Having the right accessories on hand will make it easier to manage your property during the winter season. Shop Snowblowers, Shovels, Bins and more!

Liquid Anti-Icing Compound

FS2000 is very effective as a pre-treatment on walkways and parking lots. It prevents bonding to concrete and pavement at extremely low temperatures. It is safe to use, and is a cleaner, friendlier approach to snow and ice management.

FS2000 is a 30% magnesium chloride solution with a plan-based derivative that lowers the effective melting temperature, helps prevent re-freezing and reduces corrosion.


You can apply FS2000 before the event of precipitation to prevent the bond forming between snow/ice and concrete/pavement. Application of the removal of the snow and ice is also recommended.  

Ice Melt Resources

Find the right products for your property. Download these resources to help you get prepared and tackle the season ahead the right product for your property!